Moxie (n): spunk, determination, know-how

Our Mission and Vision

Moxie Leadership reimagines summers by operating learning labs where middle school girls in low-income communities build the social-emotional skills necessary for long-term success by leading projects focused on key social problems.

We envision a generation of empowered women both increasing their earning potential and catalyzing change in our communities.

Passionate Teachers

In 2011, teachers Vanessa Douyon and Christina Douyon noticed that their students spent a lot of time working to build up their academic knowledge, but not nearly as much time working to build their EQ skillset - a major ingredient in building a successful person.

While many programs for our kids offer some social emotional development, Moxie Leadership prioritizes what we believe to be the key lever: emotional, moral and body intelligence.

Moxie Leadership was born to address this need during the most critical time for our students: summer.

Vanessa and Christina rolled up their sleeves and got to work developing a high-quality summer program that would be both comprehensive and affordable, using the very techniques taught in elite programs and that make the highest performing students successful. Enthusiastic responses poured in from parents and teachers alike all eager to enroll their girls in the 2014 launch program.