For Students

Sounds like a lot of work, will I have fun?

Picture this: You're on stage performing a play with 24 of your new best friends. The next day you're learning new outdoor games, practicing yoga, and choreographing a new dance. Over lunch, you're laughing and catching up with your friends before launching into your afternoon projects. Sound like fun? We think so. We hope you will, too.

I didn’t get the best grades last year, can I still join?

Of course. We do look at your grades, but we are really looking for girls who take initiative. Show us that you take initiative when you write your essays

If you want to improve your application, ask a teacher or a mentor for a letter of recommendation or submit an artistic creation to show us your Moxie.

I’m not at Crocker, am I eligible?

We're at Crocker Elementary this year, but we're inviting girls from NOCP and Firstline schools to apply this year (Sylvanie Williams, Crocker, Ashe, Dibert, Green and LHA). If you don't go to one of these schools, email us to let us know that we should come to your school next summer!

What if my family can’t afford it?

We offer a discounted rate for girls on free and reduced lunch ($25 a week). If you qualify, make sure to let us know in your application.

Additionally, scholarships are available- so make sure to apply!

What should I wear?

We do not have a uniform- it's summer time! We will have a dress code so that you can look your best. Details will be sent to participating families.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing that will be just as comfortable while you’re building models in science as when you’re sitting cross legged in yoga—oh, and be yourself!

How can I be a Moxie girl?

Glad you asked! Ask your teacher, social worker or guidance counselor for an application. You can also email us at

For Parents and Community Members

Why Summer?

Summer is the single greatest contributor to the achievement gap that costs us nearly 500B a year. If we mean business when we talk about working with students from low income communities, we need to think critically about summer time.

Why girls only?

Middle school is an important time developmentally for your child. Because boys and girls need different things at this age, limiting the program to girls allows us to build a safe environment and work to the specific needs of middle school girls.

How is this different from summer school, or church camp?

Summer school focuses almost entirely on remediation for students who need extra help. MLA is a high-quality summer program that gives girls a deeper dive into advanced academic concepts and adds first class leadership training and emotional development.

Sessions are full days Monday-Friday for six weeks and girls come back every year completing evolving curriculum through the 8th grade.

How much is this going to cost me?

Regular tuition is $75 a week for six weeks. Tuition for students on free and reduced lunch is $25 a week. Scholarships are available. Please contact us if you have questions at

Do you offer transportation?

We will offer limited transportation options. When your child applies, make sure you indicate whether you need transportation.

What about lunch?

Tuition includes lunch!

Are you CPR certified?

We sure are. Not only is our team First Aid and CPR certified, but they are demonstrated and awarded leaders in their communities, too.

OK, we’re in. What’s next?

Fill out an application to contact us if you have other questions! We can't wait to see you this summer!

Who do I contact with other questions?

Email us at